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In years gone by the chateau gardens would have kept a few gardeners busy looking after the potager and orchard, tending the formal gardens and the curated woods. Those days however are long gone and the gardens consisted of weedy grassy areas with a few random trees and an orchard of overgrown neglected fruit trees.   


Apart from the 200 year old stone walls there was nothing to tell us what the original gardens would have looked like. 


Being in-experienced gardeners, we knew we needed help to bring the gardens back to life and commissioned Paul Bangay, one of Australia's foremost garden designer's to design a new garden for us.  Apart fro 

The project commenced in May 2019 and was overseen by French garden designer Emmanuel Taillard.  Months of hardscaping in all kinds of weather was required, parts of the wall needed to be repaired and 


It took months of hardscaping before any planting could begin and the weather did not help as it was 30 degrees one day and pouring rain the next.  

A huge team of volunteers worked tirelessly to remove old ivy from the walls and help create all the beds ready for planting.  




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