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When dreams become reality...

As many of you know food and cooking are my passions. Whether it's recreating a favourite dish or perfecting a new technique I'll willingly spend hours in the chateau kitchen.

Savoury or sweet....I am happy cooking either and really don't have a preference. And when it's using produce from the chateau potager or orchard... well that's just a whole other level of happy.

Whilst many might swoon at the thought of cooking for a large group I love it...from the planning of the menu to the setting of the table and deciding on the dinnerware...I love the whole process. Shared meals are often where happy memories are made.

Years ago I owned a restaurant but the long hours and environment were not family friendly and so I bid goodbye to my dream and pursued another career. To fill the void I attended many cooking classes and hosted elaborate dinner parties and became the go to person when friends needed menu ideas or had cooking dilemmas. Somehow I knew I would return to doing what I truly loved...I imagined a weekend country restaurant or running classes teaching others how to entertain simply and deliciously.

So when we bought the chateau I had this dream of being able to share my love of food and cooking with small groups of guests. We would wander in the potager gathering what's in season and then spend time in the chateau kitchen turning that produce into delicious meals. I'm not talking fancy French cooking but real authentic let the produce shine type cooking that doesn't require you to spend hours in the kitchen. We would shop for produce at the local market, visit local suppliers, dine alfresco by the pool or under the trees and experience what it is really like owning and living in a 200-year old chateau.

I am super excited to be able to tell you that dream is now a reality. This French summer we will be offering immersive culinary experiences where you will get to do exactly what I imagined and more. Teaching you will be food maven, Lovoni Walker, sharing her love and knowledge of all things cooking. Lovoni lives in Indiana but is a fellow Aussie - always amazing how us Aussies find each other even when on opposite sides of the world. She has a wealth of experience to share and we are delighted to welcome her to the chateau. We have already had so much fun putting together the following

French Country Cookery Retreat 21-26 July 2022 11-16 August 2022

In this hands on retreat with Lovoni you will master the art of perfect pastry making, crusty breads, vibrant salads, sides, sumptuous mains and of course, baking and desserts.

Designed to suit any level of cooking ability, you'll want to be part of what this retreat has to offer: rustic, simple cuisine using freshly picked produce from the chateau potager and orchard; eggs from the chateau hens and locally sourced ingredients. You'll leave understanding the essence of French cooking and importance of growing some of your own food, shopping locally and eating seasonally.

All instruction is in English. For more detailed information click on the following:-